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  • * Bitcoin has historically been a highly volatile asset. As such, investing and speculating in the currency involves significant risk. It is your sole responsibility to assess whether you can manage the risk associated with trading in bitcoins.
  • * Bitcoins are yet unregulated in world Regulation may limit or prohibit the usage of bitcoins in All world, thus restricting their value. New legislation may also affect the operations of Bitpaysglobal, which, as a registered company in US, will comply with all relevant laws and regulation.
  • * The existence of Bitcoin as a currency is dependent on the Bitcoin protocol. Should the protocol and/or network for some reason cease to exist, be interrupted, prohibited, or otherwise blocked, this will significantly affect the usage and value of bitcoins.
  • * There may also be additional risks and uncertainties that have not been mentioned in these Terms and Conditions. Please understand the implications of trading in Bitcoin before signing up.


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