This is a Community of people who are changing the world, people who have no guarantees of repayment of their funds, they donate money to help people, the same simple people as they are, in need at this moment. The fact that you gave help will not oblige anyone to give help to you. WARNING! DO NOT DONATE ALL YOUR MONEY INSTEAD DONATE ONLY SPARE MONEY.

How can I register with BITPAYS GLOBAL?

Members of BITPAYS GLOBAL will give you referral links or contact the Support Team available 24/7 days to guide your registration.

How to become Country Representative of BITPAYS GLOBAL?

You need at-least 100 active members with minimum Provide Help.

Do I need to invite people to join BITPAYS GLOBAL?

No. You can provide & receive donations without referrals.

What are the benefits of being a member of BITPAYS GLOBAL community?

Referral bonus (5%), Manager Bonus (5% - 0.5% unlimited level depth) as per Manager Rank Qualification. See How It Works section Page on website for more info.

What currency does BITPAYS GLOBAL use?

BITPAYS GLOBAL uses BITCOIN (BTC) with corresponding USD value.

Which BTC trader do you recommend to register my BTC wallet?

We highly suggest to use blockchain.info

How does 5%-7% daily growth in 45 days work?

Daily Growth rate depends on your Commitment. You will get Growth on daily basis for 45 Days. Re-commitment compulsory after 30 days of same or More Amount as per your previous commitment. If fails to do re-commitment, Daily Growth Stops after 30th day. Your Growth will available for withdraw Min $50 if 100% of Donation amount confirmed.

When can I send once there is an assigned receiver for my Provide Help?

You have 48 hrs to send; failure to do so will have your account blocked.

When can I confirm once the sender completed deposit of my Get Help?

You have 48 hrs to confirm; failure to do so will have your account blocked.